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Customer Success Stories
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Security & ROI Case Studies
Customer Quotes

“A single modem dialing up an ISP can basically go around $100,000 of firewalling equipment,” says Jeff Miller, network security officer at Old National Bankcorp in Evansville, Ind. Mr. Miller should know: A worm entered Old National’s network through a PC modem connection, and then took off inside the network, causing congestion. “That really set off all the bells in my head that, ‘Hey, we really need to control this,’” says Mr. Miller. So he installed a phone-switch firewall and technology to find and monitor PC modems.
Jeff Miller, Network Security Officer
Old National Bankcorp
From The Wall Street Journal
“We are closing our back door. We are able to restrict which outbound numbers modem callers will be allowed to dial and restrict which inbound destination numbers can receive modem calls. All other unauthorized modem calls will be blocked”.
Ron McKinnon, Corporate Security Manager
Hutchinson Technology
“We’ve already benefited from the reports generated. I have visibility over usage details that had not been readily available before now.”
Steve Hagmaier, Director of Telecommunications
Memorial Hermann Hospital System
“The ETM Performance Manager provides real-time visibility of Symantec telephone trunks directly at my desktop. If one of my trunks goes down, I immediately receive an email and pager alert from the console. There is nothing else on the market that gives me this level of visibility.”
Neil Kole, Director of Worldwide Communications
Symantec Corporation
“Energen Corporation places a high priority on protecting critical information and infrastructure,” said Joe Hurd, Manager of Network Communications for Energen Corporation. “The ETM System gives us real-time, enterprise-wide visibility and control over our voice network access and usage, while closing phone line backdoors into our data network that can be common targets for hackers. Furthermore, the system provides a central management console for remote administration of our distributed voice network. We anticipate that the increased voice network usage efficiencies, audit capabilities and task automation tools available through the ETM System will provide a full return on our investment in just a number of months.”
Joe Hurd, Manager of Network Communications
Energen Corporation

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Customer Success stories
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