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Customer Success Stories
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Security & ROI Case Studies
Customer Quotes
Old National Bancorp

“With savings like those, SecureLogix paid for itself in less than a year. And that’s not counting the greatly improved security that it provided.”

Jeff Miller
Telecom Manager and Network Information Security Officer

CUSTOMER Old National Bancorp, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, is Indiana’s largest financial holding company. With assets over $9 billion and over 3,000 employees, Old National Bankcorp has 30 branches in Evansville, operations in 6 states, and services in commercial and retail banking, trust, brokerage, correspondent banking, and insurance.
PROBLEM Firewall protection at Old National’s Internet threshold, multi-level as it was, could do nothing to stop viruses and unlawful access coming in over unsecured, authorized modems on corporate phone lines. When a worm entered Old National’s data network through a PC modem connection and began causing congestion, Jeff Miller, Old National’s Telecom Manager and Network Information Security Officer, sought a technology to find and control PC modems.

Miller knew security solutions were difficult to cost-justify. Typically, they only eliminated the possibility of financial loss, and did not result in specific cost savings or productivity improvements. He wanted a solution that would deliver both.
SOLUTION Research into the problem led Miller to SecureLogix’s ETM® System as a possible network security solution. Demonstration of the system’s powerful combination of management, cost allocation, and security capabilities during the ensuing TeleWatch Secure SM Assessment Service, a 90-day on-site trial, convinced Miller that he had found what he was looking for—security plus very tangible savings for Old National. The SecureLogix® ETM System has been providing telephony management, cost allocation, and security for Old National Bankcorp since May 2002.
BENEFITS Using one of the ETM Usage Manager’s over 50 pre-defined report templates, a resource utilization report quickly revealed that a large number of long-distance calls were being routed directly over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), instead of being carried over the bank’s T1 lines. A few simple corrections in the configuration of Miller’s PBXs’ automatic route selection codes eliminated thousands of dollars of waste.

Another report revealed a surprising amount of money being spent on calls to directory information every month. Once Miller could quantify the volume of information calls, he was able to negotiate a much more favorable rate with a corporate provider—reducing his cost-per-call by 65%. ETM System reports also uncovered opportunities where Miller was able to negotiate better discounts on long distance rates, based on volume of calling minutes.

Old National has reaped many other benefits with the ETM System. For example, Miller uses the ETM System’s health-and-status monitoring capabilities to monitor for service or availability problems on the tie lines between their 36 PBXs. He can now provide proof to the company's carrier or local service provider when he is sees errors on a line. Previously he could only rely on the company’s PBXs to show near-end or far-end data. In these instances, his only recourse was to call the carrier, a process that could take hours of back-and-forth phone calls and “finger-pointing”. The ETM System can also report slip seconds and decibel loss data, which Miller can use to hold Old National’s carrier more closely to the company’s service level agreements, or provide to his PBX vendor, who maintains certain levels of PBX maintenance control.

Using the ETM System’s unique ability to distinguish call type (modem, voice, fax, and video) on all inbound and outbound traffic, Miller discovered a surprising volume of ISP traffic on Old National’s phone lines. The problem of unauthorized modems was greater than expected. “All I need is for someone to be connected to a modem and the network at the same time, and they’ve provided a prefect way for an intruder to bypass my firewall,” Miller says.

The ETM Voice Firewall allows Miller to configure policies that block unauthorized modem traffic, or all calls to (or from) specified numbers. But Miller says that he has not needed to implement call termination policies. “I get an email every time someone calls an ISP,” he says. “I can throw quite a surprise into people if I call them up right away and ask them ‘Did you disconnect your PC from the network first?’ I see where the call is being made and call the user right away. That’s vital for me to maintain the security of our telecom environment.”

Finding and acquiring a solution that delivers benefits like the SecureLogix ETM System has further implications for professionals like Miller. “A good acquisition builds your credibility with upper management,” he says. “That’s important when it comes to the next purchase you want to make.”



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