Enterprise Telephony Management

Enterprise telephony management is a growing challenge
Enterprise telephony management becomes more difficult every year. The convergence of voice and data is increasing network complexity and security risks, particularly in multi-vendor, hybrid telephony environments. Effective enterprise telephony management can no longer be concerned solely with ensuring dial tone availability, managing call quality and reporting on network usage – security is now an increasingly pressing issue. That's why so many companies seeking telephony management solutions turn to SecureLogix.

SecureLogix makes enterprise telephony management simple
SecureLogix develops solutions that solve real-world problems. With more than half-a-million enterprise phone lines currently secured and managed by SecureLogix solutions, and with customers in nearly every industry vertical, SecureLogix is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise telephony management.

Named a "Cool Vendor in Telecommunications" by Gartner in 2004, SecureLogix has received increasing recognition for excellence in enterprise telephony management. SecureLogix has also been the recipient of numerous awards including "Security Product of the Year" and "Most Outstanding Product of the Year" by Network Computing.

Powerful tools for enterprise telephony management
SecureLogix ETM system 5.0 provides a powerful set of tools to secure, optimize, and efficiently manage your voice network.

Voice Firewall, the world's first voice firewall, secures enterprise resources from telephony borne attacks, security risks, service disruption and abuse, unauthorized access, toll fraud, and other restricted call traffic. Security can also be enhanced with Voice IPS, a real-time detection and intrusion prevention application, and Call Recorder, which enables automated, policy-based recording of targeted calls of interest.

Usage Manager, a powerful call accounting system, makes enterprise telephony management simpler by providing unified call detail record collection, call accounting, and resource utilization reporting across VoIP and legacy/TDM networks.

Performance Manager enhances enterprise telephony management with real-time and continuous visibility into the health-and-status of the voice system and call quality.

Capable of working with any mix of multi-vendor legacy and VoIP systems in your network, ETM System 5.0 can scale to support small site operations as well as the largest multinational enterprises.

Ensure Reliability
and Quality Across
Your Voice Network
The ETM System effectively monitors and tracks call traffic from your desktop.
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Learn how The ETM System is your full-service, voice security and management platform.
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