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“I am very optimistic on (SecureLogix’s) future,” Fraley says. “By creating a more secure environment for both traditional and IP (Internet protocol)-based networks they have a big opportunity.”

David Fraley, Principal Analyst
From San Antonio Business Journal

“The unique benefit of placing a voice firewall device between the private branch exchange (PBX) and external network is to give the device complete knowledge of all calls going over the network. The management and administrative capabilities are then almost boundless. SecureLogix’s Enterprise Telephony Management solution provides these and additional capabilities for enterprises to secure and manage their enterprise voice environments effectively.”

David Fraley, Principal Analyst
From Gartner Research Report “Cool Vendors in Telecommunications”

"Security is clearly becoming one of the most significant issues facing the telecommunications industry today," observed David Fraley, principal analyst at Gartner Dataquest. "As often happens when technologies begin to converge, there are disconnects in the details of implementation. As voice and data networks have converged, security issues have often been overlooked while new communication devices have appeared on desktops. Suddenly system managers in both realms are realizing they have a serious problem. Security solutions such as SecureLogix's can clearly allow enterprises to achieve not only secure networks, but also cost control. These type of solutions should always be very appealing to industries such as banking, insurance, health care, utilities, government, and the military."

David Fraley, Principal Analyst

“Phone security is still a serious concern, said John Girard, vice president & research director of the network research advisory services practice at Gartner Inc. “Everyone turned their attention to the Internet, which arguably is a more efficient and less expensive place to hack, but unauthorized system access via [dial-up] modems continues to happen and cannot be ignored. SecureLogix has a very scalable and distributable system to cope with finding unexpected modems and the PCs and servers connected to them.”

John Girard, Vice President
From Federal Computer Week


“There is certainly a need for security and access control in the telephone market,” he says. “There are only a very small number of companies that offer that service right now.”

William Flanagan, Principal Analyst
Burton Group
From Federal Computer Week


"From a security perspective, the convergence of voice and data networks has been underway for years," said Eric Hemmendinger, research director for security at the Aberdeen Group. "IS decision-makers can either attempt to segregate the networks or deal with the ongoing convergence and deploy tools that will mitigate the risks inherent in the converged networks. SecureLogix is delivering a suite of capabilities that help to mitigate those risks and help to identify and manage the costs associated with the existing telephony infrastructure that is being connected to IP networks, providing a lifeline for both IT security professionals and telecommunications professionals."

Eric Hemmendinger,
Research Director for Security


Laurie J. Hanna, Analyst with Clear Thinking Research, remarked, "The SecureLogix ETM ® platform provides real-time visibility over your entire enterprise telephony network from one computer console. Coupled with a set of robust tools to manage and control the use of your telecom resources, organizations can now address significant security, management and cost issues that have plagued PBX environments since their creation. We have long known that hackers can penetrate corporate data networks through telephone lines and other authorized and unauthorized modem connections. SecureLogix not only addresses those threats, but also enables the customer to significantly lower their phone bills. I believe deploying the SecureLogix platform in many cases could show a demonstrable ROI within months."

Laurie J. Hana, Analyst
Clear Thinking Research

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