Secure VoIP

Secure VoIP telephony requires thoughtful planning

As with IT security, there are a multitude of threats to a VoIP network that can make it difficult to secure VoIP telephony. DoS attacks, message tampering, proxy impersonation, registration hijacking—these are but a few of the problems telephony managers may encounter as they try to secure VoIP networks. But combating these threats need not be complicated or time-consuming. Secure VoIP can be easily accomplished with a little planning—and with security solutions from SecureLogix.

SecureLogix enables companies to secure VoIP networks

The SecureLogix Corporation is a leading source of secure VoIP solutions. The ETM (Enterprise Telephony Management) System, the company's premier product, lets telephony managers optimize and secure VoIP networks while cutting costs, improving ROI and reducing administrative burden.

With more than a half-million million telephone lines worldwide now managed and secured by SecureLogix innovative products, SecureLogix is trusted as a leader in the effort to secure VoIP technology. The company enjoys a diverse customer base with clients in almost every industry vertical. SecureLogix received the "Most Outstanding Product of the Year" award from Network Computing, in addition to many other industry honors.

Appliance-based solutions delivers secure VoIP telephony

The ETM System is an appliance-based solution that lets telecom administrators secure VoIP networks with a suite of robust and innovative software applications. With a unique voice firewall, a call recording application for recording targeted calls, and an application to detect and block intrusive calling patterns in real-time, telecom administrators can:

Ensure dial tone. The ETM System helps secure VoIP technology and guarantee dial tone availability by protecting both VoIP and TDM voice systems from a host of telephony-borne attacks.

Exercise greater control. Telecom administrators get a greater view of all voice traffic in the enterprise, and can proactively alter policies and enforce access to better secure VoIP networks.

Save money. ETM System allows administrators to impact the bottom line by reducing the administrative resources necessary to secure VoIP networks, as well as minimizing the costly toll that VoIP threats can take on a corporate voice.

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