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Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks are on the rise. SecureLogix is the leader in TDoS mitigation, with powerful solutions to protect your enterprise and customers from fraud and service disruption. With nearly 15 years of industry-leading experience in enterprise voice/UC security, SecureLogix pioneered the development of TDoS protection solutions and best practices. We have been instrumental in identifying the emergence of TDoS threats, researching and profiling the evolving types of TDoS attacks, educating the market on TDoS findings and trends, and, most importantly, protecting government and business from these damaging threats. Please explore this TDoS landing page for educational resources on TDoS, and contact us at or (800) 817-4837 if you wish to speak with us about protecting your organization.

What is TDoS?
TDoS attacks generally follow the same model as the more traditional data network denial of service—unauthorized users flood the system with too many access requests and prevent legitimate users from accessing the system. With TDoS, the objective is to make a significant number of phone calls and to keep those calls up for long durations, or to simply overwhelm agent or circuit capacity. By keeping long duration calls active, the attacker prevents voice network resources from being used by legitimate callers. This not only impairs voice network availability in general, but can also be used as a means to enable other forms of fraud and misuse. The impact to an organizationwhen attackers tie up every available voice circuit can be a catastrophic loss of the ability to conduct business at even the most basic level; the subsequent loss of business and revenue can be devastating. Download our TDoS white paper for more information.

  Download the SecureLogix TDoS White Paper.
Watch Cisco CEO John Chambers Demonstrate SecureLogix
TDoS Solutions.

Click to view video - video will start right at our segment.
  SecureLogix is frequently quoted by media sources covering TDoS.
  The FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other federal and state agencies have issued public warnings citing increases levels of TDoS attacks agains public and private organizations. View them all here.
  Download the 2013 State of Voice/UC Security Report from SecureLogix.

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